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Are we to believe that there is an association between work and play? Accordingly to Warwick Fabrics, there is. Are they also telling us that we should focus more our services to meet the demand of the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) market?

SOHO room

Over the years more and more professional people are creating home offices that allow them to work from home a number of hours or days a week after negotiations with their company or are simply downsizing and outsourcing to run a more cost effective small business from a smaller and more space efficient room.   Commercial offices suppliers are taking advantage of this boom and making interior designers aware of their products and its adaptability to the SOHO market.Early in the year and to be exact on 8th May I was invited to attend a function at Warwick Fabrics titled “WORK, REST and PLAY” at their Sydney showroom in Glebe.

Event such as this allow us to see in practice the endless possibilities of each product and its applications and it help us maintain a connection between suppliers and clients. Warwick Fabrics in a leading supplier of domestic and commercial fabrics for designers. They range is second to none and it caters for every demand and requirement.

Warwick Fabrics is an Australian owned company that supplies the Australian market with a range of fabrics and leathers to interior designers and decorators for either the domestic or commercial applications.

The Warwick family has always been at the cutting-edge of fabric trends. In the Sixties and Seventies it was vinyl and velvet; in the Eighties and Nineties it was range development and international distribution. Today Warwick Fabrics is a household name in innovation, quality and service around the world.

Warwick Fabrics

Warwick Fabrics -Anthropology selection

The Staff at Warwick Fabrics did a fantastic job in turning the modestly large showroom in to a massive exhibition centre. This was achieved by turning car parking areas into an exhibition rooms.

I had the pleasure of meeting the newly appointed State Manager Mr. Clinton Truman, who was kind to show me around

Mr Clinton Truman and me at the REST, WORK, PLAY function

Mr. Truman explained to me that in collaboration with some of their partners, mock-up rooms where set up and decorated to showcase all new applications and trends on the fabrics that can be purchased here for domestic and commercial applications.

 WARWICK FABRICS…..”a household name in innovation, quality and service”

Fabrics in commercial applications

Hospitality Room