My interest in art, interior decoration, interior design and architecture is no doubt inspired by my childhood and youth in Old Havana, the great historical district of the city of Havana, Cuba, being the first of the colonial settlements in Latin America.

Subsequently it became the starting point of Spain’s dominance over Latin America, being the last country to achieve independence. It is now acknowledged as one of the most outstanding examples of Spanish colonial architecture, as was formally recognized by its listing by UNESCO as a World Heritage in 1982.

Typical colonial architecture in Old Havana

Baroque style architectura in Old Havana, Cuba
Sample of a Baroque style architecture in Old Havana, Cuba

This has led to the restoration on many of its beautiful, ornate baroque and more sober neo-classic, buildings, which line its elegant squares. Stained glass is everywhere, lending splashing kaleidoscope of colour to its interiors. Horse drawn carriages still clip-clop along its cobbled streets, and in this “city of columns”, as Columbus called it; people still seek shade in the elegant verandahs.

Vibrant used of colours influenced by my Caribbean roots

This microcosm of classic and baroque styles, highlighted with the brilliant hues of the Caribbean still inspires my work as an interior designer and lover of colourful elegance. I try to reflect and celebrate this coming together of the European, Caribbean and Spanish cultures in my work.

Coming to live in Australia has opened  endless sources of inspiration and possibilities for my to pass on my experience in living with colours and well planned spaces.

My first renovation was almost by accident; I wanted to create a beautiful garden in a small space, so a lot of space planning needed to take place. More than anything, everything that was to be part of the garden needed to serve a purpose and be a focal point; like a water fountain, a garden shed for tools and a clothe’s line.

Once  this was achieved, I moved into the interior of the house; because you cannot have a beautiful garden without having a beautiful living space.

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In my future postings I will be talking about industry services, interior designing tips, products for the office, the home etc. that I have been asked to review as well as events launches that I have attended.

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